thinking about buying x800 pro, got questions :P

By Sab3r
Apr 26, 2005
  1. Hello all,

    I've been thinking about buying the radeon x800 pro but I'm doubting if my current system can handle that stuff :angel: .

    First thing i'm worried about is the power supply since this thing is... big.
    Right now i got 300W power supply, its from A open.
    I got a P4 2.8ghz and 2 ram modules both 512mb, also got a DVD burner...

    Will 300W be enough, though i doubt it.

    Second thing i was thinking about was if the mobo is "competible" with the videocard:
    mobo: MSI PT880 Neo, socket 478.
    The videocard i have in it now is a GF FX 5600XT 128mb....

    Now is suspect the power supply is going to be a problem.
    but i wonder if there are any other problems that i might get, so what i'm asking
    if i should buy a different mobo and/or power supply.
    and if i need to buy another power supply, what would i be looking for?

    thanks anyway. :)
  2. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    I've got that very mobo right in front of me! How odd!

    You should be just fine with the motherboard.

    But I'd be wanting a new PS if I were you. I tried to run some serious hardware on a 300w not long ago, and the dang thing would'nt even POST most of the time until everything had power and I restarted it a few times.

    The RAM is a big power sucker, and you have times 2.

    Plus that PS manu isn't the best around. I'd hop onto Newegg and get a 450w or better. I'm running a 550 watt on my hardware, and I have only a FX 5700 Ultra. But the PS only cost like $60 on sale. So they aren't bad.

    Incidentally, I am thinking about getting the same card, let us know how it runs will ya!
  3. Sab3r

    Sab3r TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 60

    lol vigilante, same mobo cool :grinthumb
    thanks for the info about the PS, i'll go buy one right away.

    BTW 550W!! omg, but i'm really excited about buying it, running far cry ultra high
    smoothly muhahaha :p.
    In 2 weeks or so I can tell you all about how it runs :D
  4. Sab3r

    Sab3r TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 60

    bought a 500W PS for only 55 euro's.

    Seems like the system runs better and somewhat more quiet.
    It also has this cool goldish look and a fan that you can see through, tight fit though.

    Waiting for money to role in........ :zzz:
  5. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    i get by with power to spare on a 400 watt raidmax, cost me $27 and is a high quality supply. nothing fancy, just a standard 3 fan psu.
  6. Masque

    Masque TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,058

    Sab3r, you're gonna love that card. I've got the Sapphire version and it flat-out rocks. :grinthumb
  7. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    in regards to sab3r, an nvidia 6600GT based card would be cheaper and, if the right choice is made, better. that chipset, the via pt880 lags in performance behind intel's i865/i875, thus holding back performance.
  8. james_k1988

    james_k1988 TS Rookie Posts: 163

    Quick questions, do power supplys actually ive better performance? Imean iknew it helped but i thought it was one of those things you didnt really NEED to have a high PS, just otional :suspiciou
  9. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    You don't need gargantuan wattage, but you do need quality, clean, and regulated power.

    If your PS bends backwards when someone flips on the microwave, it's not great quality and your system will suffer.
    A good PS has good parts to regulate clean power. I'd say it's an important part. And one that, if not right for the job, can cause very odd behavior that is near impossible to track down and very random.
  10. BringinHeat

    BringinHeat TS Rookie Posts: 139

    You are better off with the X800 XL it is cheaper takes about the same power as the X800 PRO and will give you better performance than the X800 PRO as well. !!
  11. Sab3r

    Sab3r TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 60

    kinda bought it a few mins aggo :angel:

    masque, thx for the confidence :haha: , now i'm really excited!

    edit: btw masque I ordered the sapphire radeon x800 pro 256mb, does sapphire
    do some tweaks it or something? cause i heard its better then a "normal" one.
  12. Sab3r

    Sab3r TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 60

    does it lag allot cause the vidcard i got now in it still (GF FX 5600XT) isn't performing like i think it should.
    if its a crap mobo for gaming which i'm aiming for then i'll buy another while i'm throwing money at it.

    example: i'm running 3dmark03 (maybe i should get another one) with aa and af off
    but when it comes to battle of proxycon it drops to around 5 fps :suspiciou .
    maybe its just me but the card should be able to handle this right?
  13. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    when you get the replacement motherboard, get one based in the i865 or i875 chipset. the intel d865perl is a great board, i recommend it. as far as your video card - the fx5600 isn't cutting edge, but it's adequate for most gaming applications.
  14. Sab3r

    Sab3r TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 60

    thx for the tip, now i at least know where to look for a new mobo ;) .

    the FX cards came out in 2003 (I think) so when running 3dmark03 it wouldn't
    be able to run it smooth, kinda figures :p .
    but the weird thing is is that my older GF 4 TI 4200 64mb isn't that far behind in
    score and that was in a totally different pc with 1.6ghz :giddy: and 512mb.
    shows that the GF 4 TI is a good card to get, even in these days, my brother
    even played nfsu2 on it with low-medium settings, ran great.

    anyway thx again :wave:
  15. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

  16. r_u_kidding

    r_u_kidding TS Rookie

    i have a rad3on9800pr0. What Nvidia based card is at the same level? :suspiciou
  17. Sab3r

    Sab3r TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 60

    looks like my card is "under performing", although I don't have the pro version
    of 3dmark03, only got 1173 score and thats with AA and AF off 1024x768 res.
    maybe its my mobo or something....
  18. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    the thing about video cards is that different cards using the same gpu differ in performance on accound of the clock speeds of the components.
  19. Sab3r

    Sab3r TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 60

    so it could be my mobo, I just want to know this because I want to get
    the best out of my new vidcard that'll soon arrive ;) .

    btw i'm kinda on a budget on this one, like 150-200 (euro's) if its between there
    then i'm fine with, can be a bit over 200 but not too much :rolleyes: .

    Thx :wave:
  20. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    150-200 euros should cover a lot
  21. Sab3r

    Sab3r TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 60

    It runs Sweeeeeeet :grinthumb :D.

    It totally OWNS like me :p .

    I did 3dmark03 again with the new card and the card totally owned 3dmark MUHAHAHA.

    anyway thats my review :wave:
  22. kol_indian

    kol_indian TS Rookie Posts: 316

  23. Masque

    Masque TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,058

    Took me this long to get back to you on the Sapphire question...sorry. Different manufacturers will handle the chipset a little differently. I've noticed Sapphire to be somewhat superior to most others....I've owned a few of their cards.

    BTW, glad you like the card. :approve:
  24. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    In retrospect, what was the new 3Dmark score with the new video? What exactly was the new video you ended up getting?
  25. Das Dummy

    Das Dummy TS Rookie Posts: 17

    Hi Vig, it's Faust. You didn't have to came here to ask that 'cause I own an ATI RADEON X800 Pro card and it's blazing HOT! :giddy:
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