Thinking about changing my processer, need help

By awsman892
Jan 28, 2006
  1. Hey, I'm thinking about upgrading my processer in my computer. I was wondering if changing it is just like a turn off computer, open it up, put it in, and install it. or if its more confusing, i really dont no what to do and need help. i searched the internet and couldnt find any helpful results. thanks
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    First you need to know what socket your motherboard uses and what speed of processor your mobo supports. other than that it is a pretty simple operation.
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  4. xero

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    warning when you insert the proc

    Be sure that you triple check the pin one location before you insert the cpu in the ZIF socket. Do not use any force to insert it, you WILL damage your cpu and lose your money. It should fall right in. (Zif = Zero insertion force socket, the name says it). It is a common mistake... and i hear it often.
    A warned person counts for two :)
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