Toshiba A105 Password issues

By racerx509
Oct 23, 2007
  1. So I found a nice toshiba A105 4547 at a pawnshop. has fingerprint Identification, dual core processor etc. Anyway, I installed XP and dual booted with Ubuntu linux on. My XP recently caught a nasty piece of spyware and blue screened. Now whenever the laptop reboots, it asks for a bios password and/or fingerprint. In my zeal for a good deal, I didn't notice any password initially. Anyone know where I can find information on recovering and/or disabling the password? I am outside of my return period to the pawn shop.

    Note: resetting the cmos via yanking the batteries does not work on this model. I looked underneath the mylar flaps below the ram modules with no luck.
  2. Tedster

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    try removing the CMOS battery. You will also need to reformat the HD. Have your installation disk in the CD rom and ensure your system boots from the CD first. You will need to enter BIOS upon bootup right after you reset the battery.
  3. lamo

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    raxerz509, if you have the admin password in your laptop, there's only service instruction way to remove the password.and of course this instruction is confidential.
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