Toshiba External USB Hardisk Not working -Pls ADVICE

By designer1080
Mar 21, 2007
  1. hi,

    My toshiba external usb hardisk doesnt work when i try to connect it to my

    system whereas it works on the dealer's computer as well as a few different

    machines - Same Windows xp Sp2

    Here's what happens when i PLug it in my system

    1. Windows says ur new usb device is installed and ready to use

    2. No drive icon appears in My computer or explorer

    3. It shows up in Device Manager as This generic usb drive usb device

    4. When i say Populate volume under Device Manager i get this manager "

    voulme information for this disk cannot be found.this may happen if the disk

    is a 1394 or a usb device on a windows 2000 machine

    5. NO drive letter or anything of this usb hardisk shows up in DISK


    Here's wot i did to try and solve the problem

    1. I checked it on all usb ports of my computer - Same thing

    2. I Formatted the usb hardisk using windows 98 -fat 32 and changed the drive

    letters to "x" y " to prevent and drive letter conflicts (created 2


    3.I checked my uSB drivers it says this ..' VIA USB ENCHANCED HOSt controller


    4. i checked this usb hardisk on an old machine and i got this message - you

    are connecting a high speed device into blah blah but it worked just fine "

    5. i connected another external hardisk and it works fine

    6. i connected many flash drives and digital camera's on these usb ports

    ..everything works fine

    7. I connected a usb external 250gb hardisk and it works fine ..

    Guys PLease Help me ,,, I need to transfer my data soon ...I just cant figure

    out why this usb toshiba hardisk wont work on my system

    please give me some suggestions ..
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