Toshiba Model Number, Backlight Inverter

By Maigrey
Jul 15, 2007
  1. Are there any Toshiba people out there who would know if ALL the M30X series Satellites used the same or virtually the same backlight inverter?

    My model number is simply M30x with no dash and additional characters (looked on bottom and on box) and all the compatibility info I can find is for M30X-Sxxxxx or M30X-x0. I'd feel more comfortable ordering the part, knowing the affirmative. MoniServ claims to have a hardier new inverter that I 'm planning to try.

    My screen went dark after 2 and a half years use. I can still see an extremely faint shadow of the desktop; so I know the problem isn't something more drastic. I suppose it might also be the backlight itself - if so can someone help in finding the right part to replace that? Is that something a gutsy non-professional can do? I can send more info if needed - just tell me what.

    Thank you SO much,

  2. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    you can disassembly the LCD assembly and you'll see the PN of your backlight module. however,you should know, that there's can be absence of BACKLIGHT_ENA signal,which coming from the MB, thus, the inverter module replacing won't helps.
  3. TeacherNet

    TeacherNet TS Rookie

    There was a class action settlement on your notebook... repairs are supposed to be covered... go to this URL for info:
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