Toshiba sc-r8102 device driver

By plank
Oct 7, 2005
  1. Ok I seem to be stuck in a never ending loop. I deleted Easy CD writer from my laptop and somehow this has messed with my cd drives device driver. So I look on the Toshiba website and it says that there are no device drivers for Windows XP users because Win XP and my cd drive are I guess naturally compatible. Now I've tried the whole remove the cd drive and reinstall so that it will reload driver but when it reloads I still get same Code 39 error. I've tried rolling back driver and there is nothing to roll-back to. I've tried updating driver but I get the Code 39 error that device driver is damaged or corrupted. I've tried looking on the net for a device driver but alas since Toshiba never made one then there isn't one to download. I thought maybe I can just re-install windows but again, cd drive doesn't work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated in helping me solve this debacle.
    Of course I'm running Win XP OS, and the cd drive is a Toshiba sc-r8102
    Thank you
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