Triplehead2go and ATI resolution problem

By fnugen
Sep 25, 2010
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  1. Okay, I had tried to get eyefinity working with my HD5770 FleX, to no avail. I broke down and ordered a TH2G digital version. I hooked it up, all 3 monitors work fine, can pan across all 3 and run some games, though haven't tried all yet. Okay, here's where it has it's problem. The 3 LCD are 22", so it says in Matrox powerdesk that the preferred resolution is 1680x1050, so a 3x1 should be 5040x1050 to keep the proper image. For some reason, I can ONLY get as high as 3840x1024. This gives a squished look to my games. I ran the compatibility program, and also have the latest drivers for the HD4870x2 card, and the Matrox software, including the latest firmware update. Nothing changes the fact that my resolution cannot go to 5040x1050. It even states on their site that this TH2G and the monitors are supported to go to that resolution. After sitting for a couple hours and trying to figure out why, and poking about the WWW trying to find answers, it seems to be an issue. Matrox says it's ATI who should fix it, ATI says Matrox should. Big circle of blame. Regardless of who, I think ONE should step up and fix it. They BOTH have my money, but I can't get either to fix what is said to work, 5040x1050. Anybody here have a similar setup, or identical and got this to work ??

    Last case screnario while waiting for a fix, what is a good resolution to run in 3x1 that will give me a proper image. No squished cars in my race sim.

    Thanks. My PC specs are in my sig

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