Trouble pluggin playstation 3 on my monitor

By Rab2140
Apr 6, 2007
  1. Hi people i have a problem here, since i got my playstation 3 ive wanted to hook it up to my 19 inch widescreen for a better expericance now i bout an hdmi cable and i bout an hdmi to dvi adapter so i take the hdmi cable from the ps3 plug it in to my hdmi to dvi adapter and heres the thing my video output on my monitor is vga so i stuck i dvi on that then i stuck that into my hdmi to dvi adapter i turned my ps3 on and it said that it found that it was connected but wen i went to output to my monitor my pc mnitor was no signal input i have a suspicion to what this is you know on a normal dvi it has a rows of pins then then a seprate bit with like a squre bit then four little pins? well in my hdmi to dvia adapter it had all them connections except for them four pins so i clipd them with scissors to make it fit or my monitor dvi would not have fitted in so clipping them pins would have maybe caused me to have no signal? if so i need to find a dvi to fit on to my vga to fit onto my dvi to hdmi adapter or the other way round i need another hdmi to dvi to fit onto my vga's dvi also the dvi on my dvia hdmi is femal here is picture to let get the idea of what im talking about here is my vgas standard dvi adapter and here is the hdmi dvi adapter i am trying to plug it into tht but u noties there is so slots for the small four pins? tht y i cut them off so can snyone help me?
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