Troubleshooted Video Card, this must be a BIOS prob?

By heyjoe916
Jan 19, 2006
  1. A7N8X Deluxe motherboard
    w/ amd athlon 2500+
    radeon 9800 pro videocard
    DVI Dell Ultrasharp flat panel

    One month ago i started my comp and there were red lines that look like this w/ the regular screen showing but the lines through it.

    |||| |||| |||| ||||
    |||| |||| |||| ||||
    |||| |||| |||| ||||

    So i changed the Color settings on the ATI tray icon from 16 BPP to 32 BPP. I've used the 32 BPP since.

    But Call of Duty and CS: Source don't work. Wacked out glitch vanashing point in the middle of the screen drawing images away or to that point.
    There's occasional screen blinks for 3 seconds.
    My dell ball mouse isn't recognized all the time and my external harddrive is recognized 4 of 5 times when plugged in.

    I've downloaded BIOS stuff and have probably muffed everything up by trying to install BIOS updates and driver stuff.

    Please help
    Thanks, Andrew A
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