Tryin' to find a printer cable...

By Luckton
Dec 2, 2002
  1. ...but not just any printer cable. I need a sort of extnesion cable for my printer. Here's the deal:

    I've got a HP2200 LaserJet Printer. For those who own or have seen one before, the printer and USB ports on this thing are actually in a side compartment closed away from the outside, rather than just having normal ports on the back. I want to hook up a print server, or net adapter, up to it. The adapter itself has a Centronics male end on one, and then you hook the net cable up to the adapter and then onto your network. The problem I'm having is that the adapter won't fit into the side compartment with the port. What I need a cable that has a male Centronics port on one end, and a female Centronics port on the other. That way I can hook up the cable and then hook up my adapter/print server on the outside.

    It's just that I'm having a hard time finding the cable that I need. I've found male to male ends, and of course anyone can find regular parallel to Centronics printer cables, but the one I'm looking for seems to be a rare commodity. Does anyone have a link for an online store that sells such a cable? I've looked through APC and Belkin's websites, along with most of the major online sellers already, but if anyone has any leads, please lemme know! Thanks!

    - Luckton
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