Tv tuner not working.

By davidude36
Oct 17, 2006
  1. Ok about a month ago i purchased a WinFast DTV tv tuner... now i didnt realise it was for digital tv... and i have analoge, anyways it stayed in my cupboard untill i decided to attempt to attach my playstation to play on my computer screen, i put the yellow wire (tv-in) plug into the tv tuner ( attached to my computer ofcourse) and switched everything on... i turned on the software i got with the tuner... which i havent used before and it took a couple of trys to get anything to come up... but what comes up is either green and choppy with a really bad picture, or blue and choppy with a really poor picture...
    i managed to get a great picture one time but after i restarted my comp i didnt get a good picture, still poor quality. so poor i cannot even play a game on my playstation 2...
    So if you have read all that i expect you to leave a reply, and thanks for all the help i got :D
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