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By almcneil
Jan 2, 2008
  1. Techspotters,

    I want to thank the techspot community for helping me out. I have a less than one year old in-home computer servicing business. I finally had my first customer who had a corrupted HDD and didn't want to lose his photos that were on it. He hadn't them backed up. After trying the standard techniques, i.e. chkdsk, and not getting anyway, I turned to Techspot archives. I found a thread in which someone had the same problem and several members recommended using GetDataBack by Runtime Software. Tried and it worked PERFECTLY!! I was able to retrieve the ENTIRE contents of my customers HDD.

    Thank you TechSpot!

    -- Andy
  2. Samstoned

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    :grinthumb :blush:
    Happy 2008 to everyone
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