Ultimate Fixer/Combofix Need help

By poochwillman
Oct 1, 2007
  1. Is there someone online tonight that can help out a novice trying to get rid of Ultimate Fixer, using Combofix?
  2. evilfantasy

    evilfantasy Banned Posts: 428

    Try add/remove programs

    C:\Program Files\Ultimate Fixer\Uninstall.exe

    I am not too sure Combofix will remove Ultimate Fixer as it is something you installed.
  3. LuckyM

    LuckyM Banned Posts: 66

    im not so sure about combofix, but you can remove Ultimate Fixer manualy, here's ultimate fixer removal instructions. manual removal is not as complicated as it seems at the first sight. you simply delete malicious files to erase the whole infection.
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