Unresolved issues

By mythirdeye97
May 2, 2004
  1. Just before I made a mobo and cpu upgrade, I had crashing issues in games with my old nforce 2 athlon 3200. I would get random crashing to the desktop playing such games a Battlefield vietnam& Unreal tournament 2004(general protection fault). Now I have a new setup, which has been stable except for a few problems. First Im still getting the gpf in Unreal tournament, and I have been geting random crashing to the desktop in farcry. I cant seem to figure out what is attributing to this. Im using a fresh reformat, all current drivers/updates. My second problem regards 3dmark 03, althouh I also use Aquamark 3 as a benchmark tool. My first couple of benchmarks only yeilded a 3700 score, way lower than my older cpu/mobo setup. After I reformated the hd (again) I got a score of 5700. After this is upped the cpu o.c. to 210, and got a score of 4700???? Why the difference in scores? Aquamark however, reflected the o.c. changes I made and always gave me the same score each time I b.m. my system 42,000 and 43,000 respectively. My guess is that I attribute the crashing to my memory timings, which I have set to default by spd in the bios. Any ideas as to my problem is greatly appreciated.

    AMD Athlon64 3200+ @2.01 Ghz
    Gigabyte K8N Pro
    1 gig Corsair DDR 400 XMS (installed in Slot 1,2)
    Radeon 9800 Pro 128 mb
    WD 80gig hd 7200 rpm, 8mb buffer
    Antec 480 psu
    Windows XP sp 1
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