Unresponsive Computer

By UnWarierMage224
Nov 26, 2006
  1. My guess at the problem: I don't think my computer's loading the BIOS. It's a Dell computer, and IIRC when you turn on a Dell you see the splash screen with the progress bar @ the bottom showing that its loading, and THEN you see the Windows XP logo. (Running XP Home on this particular PC).
    Basically I turn on the computer and let it run, and then I get a prompt after it goes to sleep (this is normal) saying to "press any key or move the mouse to take the comp off standby"... What I think may be the problem is that neither the mouse nor keyboard wakes up the computer. With the computer in standby no lights go on on the keyboard if you press a key like Num Lock/Caps lock... so, if this all makes any sense - I think it may be Keyboard/Mouse or a BIOS (aka a fried motherboard).

    My rents had the HDD on this comp replaced a little while (a few weeks) ago b/c it was going on the gimp... and now it's completely buggered.

    Is my diagnosis right/can this thing be salvaged?
    Any more info you need, let me know.

    Thanks in advance,

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