Up(down)grading Dell650 Workstation Video problems

By videotrubble
Aug 7, 2007
  1. Hey gang,

    I am trying to "downgrade" my video card in my Dell Precision Workstation 650 (dual 3.2ghz, 4GB ram, AGP 8X, honkin' power supply, etc.).

    Right now it has a dual-DVI output AGP 8X NVidia QuadroFX 3000 in it, blazing card.

    However, I need a single-height video card in here (video performance requirements are minimal) and I'm trying to change it to one of my older AGP cards with either DVI/VGA or just VGA.

    I have an ASUS NVidia V8460Ultra AGP, A Diamond Viper V7700U AGP, and a Diamond Fire 1K Pro AGP.

    The Fire 1K Pro does not fit since the slots of the card do not fit in the AGP 8X slot of the Dell 650.

    The ASUS and Diamond Viper cards fit no problem, but the computer will not boot with these cards in there. The various system fans turn on, but the drives don't spin up and there is nothing coming out of the video card.

    Is it possible that nothing less than an ultra fancy AGP 8X card will work in this machine?

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