Upgrade dimension 4600 or buy new PC

By chropeh
Dec 2, 2007
  1. I have a Dell Dimesion 4600. should I upgrade certain hardwares or is it not worthwhile, and I should just buy a new PC? (of course cost is part of the issue) I use my comp pretty much just to surf the web, download audio and video files, watch DVDs, use Microsoft Word etc.
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    In general, if you will spend more than $300 and it does not include a graphics card expense, then it is better to replace.
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    I am basically having trouble with programs taking longer to open than they used to. also opening multiple programs is kind of slowing as well as multiple web pages.
    I currently have 768 RAM (the computer came with 2x128 and about a year and a half ago I added 2x256). when I first added RAM I saw a clear difference in performance. but now it is starting to slow again. do you think it is worth the $115 or so to add 2 Gb? do you think it would make a marked difference in performance? or maybe just add 1 Gb (taking away 2x128 that the computer came with-for a total of 1.5 Gb) for about $70?
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    I think your computer is suffering from excessive junk files of all kinds. I suspect that you are not maintaining your machine, and this is what happens. Look up annnd install these free programs up on the web and use them...'Auslogics' hard drive defrag program, 'Auslogics' registry defrag program, 'Glarysoft' registry repair program, 'Eusing' registry cleaner, 'Dustbuster 2.9.5' junk file remover, CCleaner program, a '15 day trial' of 'Sunbelt' Counterspy spyware program, 'a
    30 day free trial' of 'Kaspersky' antivirus program. [NOTE; if you have a different antivirus program (freeware) unload it and use 'Kaspersky'] then load 'Avast' antivirus (free) virus program. "Advanced Window Care V2". 'Fast defrag 2' free ram defrag program. Run your hard drive's 'error checks' (both). When you're online start one of these, minimize it to your task bar and pull it up when it's done. If your machine slows down too much from the muilti tasking, be patient and give your PC the treatment and often.
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    I have SpywareBlaster, Ad-Aware, and spybot and I have been using them. but I will try what you said
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