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By ShadowBane
Aug 7, 2003
  1. this is what I have Processor: 1.5 GHz Intel Pentium 4
    RAM: 256 MB
    RAM Type: SDRAM
    16x cd/dvd
    Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 2 ultra
    Graphics RAM: 64 MB

    i'm wanting to upgrade my video card first.
    im trying to find a video card for under $150
    that will run games like Unreal Tournament 2003 and games that will be coming out.I have an agp slot

    next i want to upgrade my cpu to 2.5ghz(how much will that cost???)and finally i want to upgrade my ram to 512mb

    will that be enough for my computer to run the online games fast with good visuals and no lag?

    oh yeah, im also wanting some good speakers for gaming that wont put me in the poor house, ya know.right now ive got some craptastic jbl platinum speakers that came wit the computer, there screwed up too-makin a wierd humming noise.
  2. JSR

    JSR Banned Posts: 592

    get this

    geforce ti 4600 or ram, and match it exactly to keep from having compatibilty issues........and, that's it...........hold off on the cpu till last, and make sure you have the latest bios revisions your motherboard will accept before upgrading, assuming you have a board capable of accepting a new higher clocked cpu
  3. iss

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    well the best choice for a video card dor under 150.00 is going to be a G4 Ti4200 which is still an excellent card. and they can be found for around 100.00.

    how fast a processor you can handle is dependant on what your motherboard supports. a little more info about motherboard make and model and is your P4 a socket 478 or a 423?

    if it is a socket 478 I would buy a springdale board that supports 400/533/800 mhz FSB and 512 of DDR ram. you would see a nice boost in performance and you would have an upgrade path to faster processors as finances permit.
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