upgrade laptop motherboard for a better videocard

By pokesmot91
Jun 13, 2006
  1. ok i have a gateway laptop model 7330gz with a 64mb intel videocard i kno that there are laptops in the series with better videocards and i was wondering if i am able to upgrade my entire motherboard with one that has a better videocard. i am not an ***** when it comes to computers i have repaired laptops before and installed new motherboards but always the same model and taking it apart and reasembeling it will be no problem. ps sry about the spelling mistakes
  2. TypeX45

    TypeX45 TS Rookie Posts: 144

    You might want to check with the gateway on that one. I have worked with a lot of laptops and always exchanged them out with the same one. Sometimes there was an up grade but it never upgraded the graphics card. So yeah check with them
  3. pokesmot91

    pokesmot91 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i am emailing gateway but they seem to be avoiding my answer by saying that you cannot upgrade a videocard in this laptop or jus add more ram i told them i am not stupid and that all i want to kno is if i can replace my motherboard with one of the one from this series with a better videocardbut i havint got a reply on that yet i kno for a fact that there is a computer with a 128mb ati videocard in this series with the same processor (so i kno it has the same socket) jus more ram and a bigger hard drive(but i already upgraded both)
  4. YellowC4S

    YellowC4S TS Rookie Posts: 107

    you will probably have to change the mobo as the gpu is probably integrated (soldered) onto the mobo.
  5. TypeX45

    TypeX45 TS Rookie Posts: 144

    Yeah companies tend to do that sometimes when they don't know the answer or don;t want you to do certain things. I would say call technical support and get a hold of tech. Also YellowC4S I love your avatar.
  6. pokesmot91

    pokesmot91 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yea YellowC4S thats what i was asking in my question if i am able to swap my mobo for one latter in the series that had the better videocard, i kno that the only laptops were you can swap the video card are the highend dells and alienware oh and typex45 like im about my 10th email in and finnaly they said to phone customer suport but its guna cost me like 5 dollars a minute because im living in mexico
  7. TypeX45

    TypeX45 TS Rookie Posts: 144

    Yeah that sucks bro get does it cost the same with vonage?
  8. pokesmot91

    pokesmot91 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i dono i dont have vonage but i have to get it i dont have net at my house yet i have to use my aunts
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