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By Irishquad
Dec 23, 2006
  1. I want to upgrade my sound card and I need someone to tell me if I have the available PCI slot that the new card requires. I have a Dell Dimension 5100 and have the Sound Blaster live 24-bit sound card. I want to upgrade to Sound Blaster X-FI Xtreme gamer sound card which the listing says it requires an available PCI 2.0 slot, I don't know what the 2.0 stands for. My system has two PCI slots (one of which I'm assuming my current soundcard is occupying) one PCI express x16 slot which my graphics card occupies and one PCI x1 slot. Please let me know if the new soundcard can go right into the slot that my current soundcard is using.
    Thank you
  2. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    You should have no problems at all.

    Your current audio is likely integrated so you may not even have to remove a card.

    Your system has:
    2 x PCI Slots (for the XiFi audio card will work perfectly here)
    1 x PCIx1 Slot (for modems and network cards)
    1 x PCIx16 slot for discrete graphics/3d accelerator cards.

    So, you should have two free slots that will work for the XiFi... or perhaps one if you currently have an aftermarket soundcard (Audigy1/2/4 or Sound Blaster Live!) in there.

    If you have integrated audio (most likely), all you'll need to do is uninstall the drivers in Windows/Control Panel, shut down.. install the XiFi (and move your speaker connections to it), place the cover back on.. then hit the BIOS and disable the integrated/on-board audio.. when windows comes up, install the XiFi drivers and you should be all set.
  3. Irishquad

    Irishquad TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Sharkfood! Happy Festivus
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