Upgrading Ram

By Boxy Brown
May 19, 2006
  1. I need to upgrade my RAM, I currently only have 512mb and I would like to max it to 2gb which is the maximum my PC can hold. But I don't know if there is a certain kind I have to buy so that it will work in my PC, if ther is please tell me, and please recomend some good brands. I have a Sony Vaio model number PCV-1154. Any help would be appreciated.


    Little Help...

    First off, you have to see how many slots for Ram your cpu has i.e. (4 slots x 4 sticks 512mb ram = 2 GB ) Most likely, you have two slots since your pc maxes out on 2 GB. The most important part about buying ram is to get the same brand (don't mix and match) + make sure the mhrz i.e. 400 are the same. If you mix say a 333 meg and a 400 meg stick the cpu might say that you are running 750 meg but in actuality the cpu won't recognize but one of the sticks (the higher 400 meg). I would recommend getting two sticks, 1 Gig each, same brand, and definately same mhrz (400 or higher)...(My opinion though)

  3. Boxy Brown

    Boxy Brown Topic Starter

    Ok thanks. I'm just goona buy 2 1 gig sticks like you said, it only has 2 slots available. Thanks again.


    No Prob

    Just remember what I said (VERY IMPORTANT) both stick must be same brand and same speed i.e. 2 sticks both 1 gig each and both same brand name... You'll be set. as for the 512, keep or sell it, or give it away...
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