USB Keyboard malfunction

By ohdannyboyc
Jul 16, 2006
  1. recently bought IBM usb keyboard (with 2 onboard usb ports). plugged for first time and was fine.

    restarted PC thge next day, and got error message saying a USB device was malfunctioning. unplugged and replugged all usb hardware- the malf. device was the keyboard. tried restating pc again- KB was now dead.

    not only that- the keyboard entry was now missing from the list in device manager. tried plugging in my old usb keyboard and that would not be recognised either.

    cant do a repair from windows CD as cant type the serial key! KB doesn't work if restarting and trying to get into bios either. PC has a ABIT motherboard with all USB ports so can't even plug in a PS2 kbd!

    any ideas?
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