Use email filter to block DOJ Virus

By jobeard
Jul 7, 2014
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  1. I too have seen phishing attempts to infect my pc with an email subject something like
    • Order to Appear Federal Court.
    It should be obvious this is a phishing attempt as court orders do not arrive via email, but rather using a legal process server delivering the document to you in person to your home or work address.

    The subject is intentionally written to invoke panic in the reader (OMG!) and enough adrenaline to get to click and read. If you open the attachment - - you've been suckered and infected.

    After seeing two or three of these, I automated the delete using an email filter like
    • sender contains action delete
    How did I find the origin of the email? Using tools, I saved the email to disk without opening it in my email reader. Once on the disk, you can open with NOTEBOOK; Launch notebook and drag-n-drop the email into it.

    reading raw email is - - arduous, but look for

    To: <your-email-address>
    Subject: the phishing email title ​

    The from line always varies but always ends in
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    You may man have went farther. Then I would venture. I just delete them.

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