using a lcd tv as cpu moniter

By woot
Jul 30, 2005
  1. yo, i recently bought a syntax olevia 20" lcd tv. i am using it as a moniter for my 2nd comp but the picture is not as crisp as my 15" lcd comp moniter. it has a vga hookup and i used the auto-callibrate function to get the best quality but it is still blurry. i was wondering if anyone know's any tricks or settings to make it better. i have a geforceFX 5600 ultra 128, and windows xp sp2 with a athlon 2000+, 512 pc2100(or 2700) ddr. thanx in advance.
  2. PyRoMaNiAc2287

    PyRoMaNiAc2287 TS Rookie

    Any TV screen will not be as clear as a monitor. Monitors have more dots per inch (DPI) than a TV screen. The tv is not even close to as clear as a monitor. Thats why when u go up real close to a tv and look carefully u can see different colors - less DPI. Your better off getting an actual monitor for your second computer.
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