Using ctrl key to highlight separate areas of text

By Timtrash
Sep 19, 2008
  1. Hello

    Does anyone know of a way to restore the facility to use the ctrl key to highlight different areas of text in MS Word?

    On my old computer I used to be able to use the ctrl key for a pretty nifty trick. I was able to highlight an area of text, then hold down ctrl key, and use the mouse to highlight another word or paragraph. By holding down ctrl key I was able to highlight several areas of text, then use commands on the whol lot such as delete, cut, copy etc.

    For some reason the PC I am using now doesn't allow the same thing. If you highlight text, then try to highlight another area and hold down ctrl, it also highlights all the text between those points, highlighting a massive block of text.

    Very frustrating - any solutions.....?
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