Using the Edge browsers "Share Web note" feature?

  1. I was playing around with Windows 10 Edge browser and the "Share Web Note" doodle feature for web pages. When I saved it, it saved as a realllly looong .jpeg image file. Which is okay I guess. But I guess I thought I would be able to share more like a web link/web page filter where it launches in the Edge browser itself for anyone you are sharing it with so that they might mark up the page also and then share their changes back to you. And so on and so forth.
    So my simple question is, have I just hit on 1 of many ways to use this feature? I hope what I am describing above is also possible.
    I think OneNote figures into all of this as well but I am not familiar with that application at all. So, just looking for some advice from someone with a little more experience on this than I currently possess.
    Thanks for reading.

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