VB 2005 Newbie in need of help. :)

By Yakob
Oct 1, 2007
  1. As the title suggests i'm new to Visual Basic. I am currently developing a program that reads a file (i.e open's the file listed) but every time i enter what i want to open i get an access is denied error, although i am an administrator on my computer...
    the attached picture shows what i get when i load it...

    i want the program to launch the file listed in the text box, but when i launch something e.g C:\test.txt nothing happens. i think the code is right...
    this is the code i have to launch whatever is listed in the textbox:
                Dim fileContents As Byte()
                fileContents = My.Computer.FileSystem.ReadAllBytes(txtboxusr2.Text)
    is that right? If not could you please tell me what i need to do to correct it... I've been following a tutorial for VB6, little did i know that the code syntax etc has changed since then, and VB6 won't run on Vista, so i needed to get VB 2005 Express... but i've not got any tutorials on that.
  2. Yakob

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    anyone able to help?
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