VBA compatibility issue

By fw2004
Jul 12, 2006
  1. Hi;
    I have installed Office Professional 2007 Beta 2 on my system. I plan to develop an Excel based app that will use VBA in Office 2007.

    I would like to make this app available for another user who is running Office 2000. Will it be possible for this user to run the code in my VBA 2007 on her Office 2000 system? Both systems are running Windows XP (I run Pro, she runs Home).

    If not, I will write the app as standalone using VB 2003 or 2005.


  2. Tedster

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    why use Beta?

    Try OpenOffice 2.3 It's Free and better. Can export to almost any format to include DOC and PDF and XML
  3. TS | Thomas

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    It's probably something you'd need to test. Worksheet compatibility should be fine as you can save it in Excel 2000 format, though I'm not too sure on the VBA side. I mean, are there many inherent differences in support between the 2 versions? Microsoft probably has a page covering it if so.
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