Verifying Dmi Data Pool... Problem!

By joroboto
Jul 14, 2005
  1. :evil: DMI POOL DATA PROBLEM. help me before I kill
    Here's the chronological run down:
    1.built new comp.
    2.powered up and got the BOOT FAILURE INSERT OS DISK message.
    3.inserted disk. error message during windows install NO HARD DISK FOUND. WINDOWS CAN NOT CONTINUE SETUP.
    5.powered down and check connections
    6.all connections seated firmly
    7.powered up and got message VERIFYING DMI POOL DATA..... and then nothing. out manual to verify connection ports.
    9.hard drive connected to SATA2 instead of SATA1 on motherboard.
    10.switched connection point.
    11.powered on got message VERIFYING DMI POOL DATA....still nothing.

    Your help is appreciated,

    amd 64 3000
    samsung 160 gb hard drive
    saphire radeon 256mb GDDR3 video card
    Soltek K890pro mobo
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