vertical bars in windows icons

By Ian_Dennis_UK
Sep 1, 2006
  1. I started my PC today and found my screen icons to have vertical black bars around them, this also affects my mouse pointer as shown in these images: Image1.jpg


    I have tried deleting the icon cache folder and rebooting without success. I did notice that while the pc was rebooting the screen was filled with lots of small blue squares.

    I am running XP Pro, AMD XP3200 cpu, Radeon 9800 Pro graphics, 1 GB Ram, Creative x-fi sound card and SATA hard drives.

    I can see no logical reason why this could have happened, does anyone have any ideas how to fix it, as I have not recently upgraded any drivers etc.

    Thanks, Ian Dennis.
  2. EsTeBaNo

    EsTeBaNo TS Rookie Posts: 84

    Well then download new drivers for your Video card, i think that may help.
  3. Ian_Dennis_UK

    Ian_Dennis_UK TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK I have tried running all the adware/antivirus programs I have (Norton, Spyware Doctor, TuneUp utilities and CCleaner).

    I am using Catalyst drivers 6.7, downloaded and installed 6.8, The PC hangs on boot. I think for some reason there are no proper graphics drivers loading at all, because the windows don't scroll smoothly. This next picture shows the windows startup screen covered in blue dots.

    Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.

    I am completely stumped by this and am contemplating having to reinstall windows :mad:

    Ian Dennis
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