Vertical Purple Line

By RevolveR
Jul 29, 2008
  1. Alright, I have a Toshiba notebook and the other day a vertical, thin, purple line appeared on the the right hand side of my display. I didn't drop my notebook or damage it in any way, no over clocking of any sort ether. It doesn't show on screen shot and when hooked up to an external monitor it works like a charm. I would like to know if the problem is fixable because my warranty is void. I am surprised this has happened because the laptop is only about a year and a half old. Thank you for your assistance.
  2. woody1191

    woody1191 TS Rookie Posts: 572

    That Purple Line is a dead or stuck pixel it could have been your Graphics Card but since it worked alright in a External Monitor it indicates the LCD Screen is faulty, this means you need to replace the LCD Screen. I'm not quite sure how to take them off or fix them back on but someone on here maybe able to help a bit better with that.

    You could try looking on Ebay for your Toshiba Laptop Model, they sell laptops that may have 1 part not working (they will indicate what is not working) but will be a cheap option for your LCD Screen as well as other spare parts for your laptop compared to buying the Screen on its own here is an example -
  3. bigtex07

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    If it is just a stuck pixel, in time it will go back to normal, but there is no evidence supporting just a stuck pixel, probably a dead pixel, which would mean a replacement... Just in case, if its not too bad to live with for a month or maybe two then wait and see if it fixes itself. My LCD had a stuck pixel, took me almost 2 months to get rid of...
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