Very Slow Dell

By violintim
Jan 9, 2005
  1. Hello:

    I have a 15 month old dell which takes forever to bring up a program, and which always has the hourglass running. I ran spybot and Panda Antivirus, but both say the computer is clean. But something is clearly wrong. Any suggestions? I am somewhat of a computer novice, so please be simple for me. Many thanks.
  2. monton

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    Slow downs

    I use both Spybot 1.3, Adaware se from (free), and SpywareBlaster to ferret out scumware and the like. SpywareBlaster blocks adware etc in real time. You can get SpywareBlaster from a link in SpyBot. Also, I have TeaTimer installed, an option when loading SpyBot. Be sure to get the latest update on all. This combination has been very effective in preventing the dreaded "slows".

    Start>>Run>msconfig <Enter>

    Go to the Startup Tab and you will see a list of programs that load at startup. You will need to familiarize yourself to the programs you need for your computer to function properly. I've seen spyware and adware that loads at startup and hogs system resources causing the slowdown. If you hit Ctrl-Alt-Del you will see CPU usage and it is probably high or intermittently high even at rest. By unchecking items in the list you will start them from loading on your next startup. You can reselect them if you want or need them to start on bootup. Hope this helps
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