Victim of classload.jar, now Win98SE won't boot up

By thile
Jul 19, 2005
  1. Hello,
    AVG identified and quarantined the Trojan horse classload.jar, which was preventing my computer (operating on Windows 98 SE) from booting up in anything other than safe mode. I deleted the affiliated files and replaced shell32.dll (which AVG reported needed to be changed). AVG and my other programs now give my computer an all-clear.

    However, my PC still will not boot up in anything other than safe mode. When it boots, it gets just to the brink of successfully completing a normal boot before restarting itself and automatically bringing up the option screen with "safe mode" highlighted.

    So, something else is still amiss, and I would be much obliged for any help.
    I'm attaching my hijackthis file... When this happened once before (different virus), I got good help with hijackthis and advice on how to correct problems using msconfig and regedit. I'm hopeful someone out there can help me.

    My response may not be prompt as I can only access the 'net using a public terminal like this one....

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