Virus on computer- cannot access control panel

By dsen
Dec 4, 2007
  1. hey, i need some help. somehow i got this virus on my comp. immediately my anti virus system cought it. but then different viruses just kept popping up. i knew at once that its infected so i ran my comp in safe mode. ran my virus scan(symantec client security) . and also adaware spybot(yeah, i know they dont really do much). so heres problem. i try to access my control panel but it keeps saying im not the computer admin(but i am) and some virus that my antivirus catches wont delete.... its location is c:/windows/system32/proper.exe and a couple more somewhat like running windows xp....if i didnt provide enough info, sorry but please tell me so you can help me further. oh and i turned off my internet on the on my labtop right now...any help apreciated thank you

    edit. when i try control panel it says specifically that "operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. please contact your sys admin"

    edit 2.. sorry if someone posted a thread like this, if you could link me or any sort of help would be greatly apreciated
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