Virus removal now BSOD

By bocochoco
Dec 16, 2010
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  1. had win32gen dropper worm. Ran malwarebytes... spybot s&d...Then defreagged and windows then automatically did an update saying i needed to restart. I have xp and it ran fine afterwards until i restarted. Now i get bsod upon start up in any mode. Safemode debug etc... I misplaced my xp disk to run the setup to reinstall whatever bad driver and i cannot figure out my way around anything. Any help would be great...i gotta use a cell phone for the forum
  2. Computerpete

    Computerpete TS Rookie Posts: 120

    The xp disk you are on a about is it a recovery disk or the oem disk
  3. bocochoco

    bocochoco TS Rookie Topic Starter

    that would be my oem. i've used it b4 for a similar issue and i was able 2 repair the faulty driver with a setup utility without having to reinstall my os
  4. Computerpete

    Computerpete TS Rookie Posts: 120

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