Virus will not allow system to complete boot process.

By bobdaman98
Mar 4, 2006
  1. I thought I was fully protected with Norton System Works, Ad-Watch and a few other resources to fight infection. But to no avail. I now have a problem where my system would get to the very end of the boot process, then auto re-boot and start all over again. Never completely booting up. I had to restore my system just to get it to boot. I know the virus is still there because it shows itself in the toolbar window. When I try to access it, it goes away.

    Now I'm at the point where my ROM drives are not recognized by "My Computer" and other programs that use it. I can goto "Run" and type "F:\setup" and it will run the disk. But I can't view anything at all. Also it totally corrupted my Norton System Works. I reinstalled but I still see the virus and it's effects.

    My hope in all this is to find a program that will really find THIS VIRUS and allow me to destroy it and hopefully keep me more protected in the future. I also need help in getting the system to see my ROM drives. Both CD and DVD.

    Where would I find the place where the "Administrator" has put on "Restrictions" which is not allowing me to view these drives.
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    bootloader virus.. nasty..

    if NSW isnt running properly you might as well do a clean uninstall of it (all of it, including its other modules it may leave behind), it will give you more trouble than fixes..

    BUT before you do, and assuming it has some level of workability.. try and create some rescue disks (those disks which you can start the pc with and run the AV soft. at the bottom level), should clean up the virus from the MBR..

    boot safe mode, admin account is there for you, and while you're at there, turn off system restore, scan your pc with all the nasties scanners you have, as well as some online ones for good measure (trendmicro housecall, panda etc..), fix as neccesary..

    download HijackThis, update, scan and post the results as a text file (attachment) on the board, one of us will give it a run through to see if any needs fixing..

    search this forum for posts from RBT about removeing bad stuff (they should be stickies somehwere in the security section, dont have the link on me atm)

    try deleting your cdvd drives off device managers and reboot, windows should pick them up and install all original stuff... or see if you can find the restriction thing..

    see how it goes.. good luck =)
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    hmm.. howard.. tell me, do you have that msg just copy pasted lol..? ?:| :D
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    No mate, but I might as well have lol.

    Regards Howard :)
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