Visible difference between AGP 1.5V & 3.3V?

By MelanieDN
Feb 22, 2007
  1. Hello,

    I am new here, and not really a computer whiz. My old system crashed (probably software), so I took it to a friend to get my data off the hard drive. He almost cried at how slow my system was, so he practically gave me a new mother board, video card, modem, etc. So now I'm tearing apart the old and putting in the new.

    My question is--the new mother board I have the manual for and it says very emphatically to not put a 3.3V video card in--to use a 1.5V card. The video card he gave me is used (no box or manual) and I cannot find ANYWHERE how to figure out for sure what it is. The pin configuration and the slot on the board don't match exactly, though they do fit. The identification I have is ASUS AGP V7700/32M (TVR) REV 1.01. Does any one out there know 1) whether this card is 1.5V or 3.3V, or 2) can anyone tell me how to tell by looking at it whether it is one or the other? Thank you!!!

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    Thanks! I think that's what I needed. It looks like my video card is universal 3.3V and 1.5V, so hopefully it won't damage the mother board.
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    asus warning

    My asus manual states that a red light will come on if you have the wrong voltage.It states use 1.5 only.I have a P5S800-VM.
    If you try it open side and watch for the red warning light.
    Do you have a mbd manual,you should.It shows you where it's located.
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    I think you may be able to change the AGP Voltage in your system BIOS (enter by pressing del, or F1, F2, or F3). Although note that all versions of BIOS are completely different.
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