Vista and utorrent not agreeing?

By Galerne
Apr 18, 2010
  1. Hey guys.

    I searched many forums and found out a lot of people have the same problems, but where they usually find a fix it never works for me.

    As soon as im downloading with Utorrent i can't browse anymore. Unlike most who seem to have this problem i am running Vista. It must have something to do with my ISP because the problem began when i switched from Videotron cable high speed to Bell dry line high speed. I tested my connection and so did the tech who canme to install the new line, i get a steady 7 mbps down, but the problem shows weather Utorrent is downloading at 700 kps or 10 kps, with varying upload speeds.

    Bell support is unable to help, and all access to the router is blocked when one of our laptops is downloading through Utorrent, wired or wireless, including my Xbox 360 who fails to connect to live.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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