VoIP router connected with Wireless Gateway and Router HELP!

By weesteev
Nov 21, 2005
  1. OK this is complicated so bear with me!

    First time poster as well so please be gentle! ;)

    I have Telewest Cable Broadband working with a Linksys wireless G (wrt54g) router. It works a treat and i have the "improved" antennae from Linksys to boost the signal a bit as well.

    I recently signed up with Vonage for a VoIP provider and the router they provide is wired (the Linksys rt41p2 router) and im trying to get this connected to my wireless network with a seperate Gateway or wireless hub. Im pretty sure this will work if i put the access point in infrasturcture mode (im thinking the linksys WAP54G access point) and conenct the VoIP router to the Access point (with DHCP disabled so its technically a switch) and then it can pick up the signal from the router over a wireless network.

    The router seems to support this as it has a VoIP over wireless option in the setup of the latest BIOS flash.

    What i need to know is if anyone here has a setup like this and any problems they have with this type of setup! Any help wopuld be much appreciated.
  2. Samstoned

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    I'm thinking the VOIP should go first
    then just set up as you would 1st one router 2nd one gateway.
  3. poertner_1274

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    Yes, the VOIP router should go first, to make sure you are getting the most bandwidth for your phone calls. This way you won't have a diminished signal. I have the same setup (different components). VOIP router using DHCP, and a wireless router with DHCP turned off plugged into the VOIP router. I have 2 desktops plugged into the VOIP router as well, and 3 wireless computers connected. All work flawlessly.

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