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By Chatline100
Oct 27, 2006
  1. Hi,

    I'm trying to look for the best VoIP provider I'm looking to dail 0870 numbers only. I only like the 'skype' type without a 'modem' or the little box, I like it as a software.

    Skype is reasonailbly cheap but I wonder if there is somewhere cheaper. Also would I be able to answer from my landline. If my LandLine rings I can answer on the PC for no charge

  2. Tmagic650

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    Voice Over IP services require you to have a DSL or Cable Internet connection. Of course, if you have DSL you will still have a land-line phone. We use Vonage over a Cable ISP. My wife has a Cell phone, that we can use if the Cable goes down. We got rid of our land line phone altogether.

    You must have DSL right? In my Vonage system, we use our regular house phones. They ring normally when a call comes in. I recieve an email saying that I have a voice mail message, and the message light on the phone flashes. I can retrive the message from the phone and I can also listen to it from my computer. Vonage charges extra for a computer based phone software package. We went from paying $75 for local and long distance, to paying $35 with Vonage for everything including a toll-free number
  3. Chatline100

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    I have broadband, I don't wan't a box or anything just something like Skype where you can type the numbers in. I would use skype just seeing if there is anything cheaper for an UK 0870 number. Thanks
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