Voltage of AGP cards

By MXHowes
Oct 31, 2005
  1. I'm just wondering (because my Mobo is a AGP 8x 1.5v and it states that use of 3.3v will cause permanent damage). Which cards use 3.3v? (2x?). This spec is not given on a lot of cards. My Sapphire Radeon 9550 256mb states on the box that it is compatible with AGP 4x (1.5v) or APG 8x (0.8v). I know that this card is OK for my Mobo and it looks from the above information like a 2x might be 3.3v. (Therefore can I assume a 2x/4x will be 1.5V?). I've been fried before 'assuming' something.

    2x = 3.3v ?
    2x/4x = 1.5v ?
    4x/8x = 1.5v ?
    8x = 0.8v ?

    Thanks, Jim
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    4x and 4x/8x work at 1.5, 8x at .8, 2x at 3.3. If you a have a 4x/8x slot, you need a 1.5v card.
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