Volume icon doesn't load on startup

By AnySupreme
Dec 12, 2004
  1. everytime i turn on my computer it doesn't load the little speaker icon. i'd have to go into control panel and uncheck the box "place volume icon in taskbar" click apply , then click it again, then click apply again , in order for it to show. I'm kind of stuck to why it's doing this to me. I have two soundcards, one is an onboard. BUT! before we go ruling it out on that and taking the easy way out. I'd like to note that, it was working fine for a long , long , long time with both running. so , it's not that. i'm running XP w/ SP2, p4 ~3.2ghz,1gb ram, soundblaster live sound card. I was thinking that perhaps i could modify my startup items and add a command that makes the volume controller icon load up.i haven't bothered to try it that way , in the event that someone can possibly tell me a different way or perhaps the reason as to why this happened.
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    i'm assuming that this one is a hard one....i reinstalled xp sp2 and it started up and showed me the icon for the volume control on the bottom right taskbar...but when i was gone again...somewhere along the lines...i think i installed a program that might've caused it to act this way....but in order to figure that out...i'd have to do everything over...i'm hoping that one of you would have an answer that i don't have....
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