Vonage looses to Verizon 2.2 million

By jobeard
Mar 11, 2007
  1. ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — Internet phone carrier Vonage assured its 2.2 million
    customers that their service will not be interrupted after losing a federal patent
    infringement lawsuit brought by competitor Verizon Communications Inc.

    An injuction on the patient infringement might be fatal.

    see the article here
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    Please create your threads in the proper section of the forums.
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    I don't trust online phone service...I know that most of them have a weird 911 setup that you have to all seems "sketchy" to me. Does it a splitter with your modem or something like that?
  5. Tmagic650

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    This is not true cfitzarl,
    Vonage's 911 setup is easy and straight forward. Just like a land-line phone the VoIP service associates the 911 call to your address and phone number. I have unlimited local and long distance calling for $36 a month including an toll-free 866 number for my business. My land-line phone with Qwest cost $80+ a month.

    Vonage uses a Motorola wired router with 2 phone connectors and 4 computer ports plus a WAN connector. A regular house phone plugs into one of the phone ports. The other port is for an additional line for FAX or another phone. I have Cable Internet. If you have DSL you will have to have a land-line in addition to the VoIP setup. We have a cell phone too
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