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By lunacy
Dec 7, 2007
  1. I have been havin' issues w/lag & FPS in SSC & BG's (battlegrounds) lately.Seems to have began only recently. I'm fine in the game except those few areas.I have done a blizzard repair,changed almost all video settings in game and even set my video driver for best performance vs. a mix of graphics & perf. ,which I had prior.With or w/o mods I get a little lag @ times in busy areas (Shatt. ,etc..) but nothing that hinders play except SSC and occasionally some Battlegrounds. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .Ty in advance. :)
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  3. lunacy

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    quite funny but I read the thread and it seems to help many so I will definately give it a try tyvm :) Oh yea & i'll post back if it does fix my issue but I won't know until my next SSC run
  4. you use a 286

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    so wats ur problem?
  5. lunacy

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    Excessive lag &/or screen freeze in certain areas of WOW.Battlegrounds & SSC primarily.Only been like this a few weeks (since last patch or 1 before).All my hardware,Anti virus,spyware,etc.. is fully updated.

    Ex. in SSC i'll have FPS (frames per second) of 30 until we make a pull @ which point I goto 2-3 FPS

    so it basically appears to be when there is a great deal of action (ie. many spells,multiple chars.,etc...) As I said though it's only been recently and it's only in WOW and in specific areas of high traffic or many actions ,spells occuring @ 1 time.
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