Warner Music Group becomes first major record label to sign licensing deal with SoundCloud

By Shawn Knight
Nov 5, 2014
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  1. Warner Music Group has become the first major record label to sign a licensing deal with SoundCloud. The agreement will see SoundCloud pay royalties to the label each time a song that's monetized is streamed or even when one of...

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  2. This is the death bell toll for the site. SoundCloud has been slowly becoming too mainstream and will die a slow death as it leaves its roots. I have been a member, dj, and producer on the site for a few years. This saddens me as the value has beem going downhill. The biggest issue is the play and download generators that enable tracks or mixes to hit artificially high numbers. How will that be handled? What would stop the record companies from pinning up their own content and then fake playing it thousands or tens of thousands of times to increae profits? Not too much I wager. Well it was fun while it lasted. I have been transitioning to another service since the beginning of the year and will not be renewing my premium membership when it comes due. Way too mich money for a circus.
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