Watercooling the MSI 7970 OC

By erik2041999
Oct 23, 2016
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  1. Hey guys.
    So I was just thinking whether I should upgrade to a new GPU, and I arrived to the conclusion that yes, I do. However the slight problem is I don't have enough money and I would if I sold my current GPU, however no one would buy it for a decent price because the 7970's are just awful on air in regards to noise, and their power draw even worse. Here's the thing, I know they are great for overclocking and I do have it overclocked currently, however I know I can go further but I'm limited by the cooling. So I've decided to give water cooling a go for this GPU. My question is whether theres a closed loop water cooler from like NZXT or any other brand, that would be compatible with this GPU. Since this is an even less popular version of the 7970, and hard to get. (Not because it's a good version of the 7970, but it is just hard to find)
    This is the GPU I'm refering to.

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