WD 200GIG HD wont boot and is loud

Dec 1, 2004
  1. This morning I woke up to my pc not being able to boot up. The wd sounds like someones thumping it with a spoon. my bois recognizes it but give me the error that the "primary master hard disk failed." I tried using the wd utilities but it wont let me use any diags on the drive. give me an error that the drive is from another company or something. Has me drive just failed? Anyway for me to get some data off of it?

    Thanks in advance
    Bryan :confused:
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    I'm also having a similar problem. I have a Western Digital 200GB Model: WDC WD2000JB - 00DUA0. It all of a sudden won't boot, it clicks twice in about 10 seconds upon power. The BIOS on two separate mobo's reports an incorrect model number of WD1200BB with 8.94GB of space.

    My observations lead me to believe that the circuit board is just messed up...either from static or electronic failure of some kind. Any opinions? I'd be upset if I just RMAed the piece...I'm almost super tempted to try sticking on the circuit board from my newer 200gig western digital and to see if i can't extract any data offa the old one.

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    in both your cases your drives are shot. i never liked wd since i had the displeasure of owning one on my old 486 a long time ago. i kid you not, most hard drives that i am called on to fix/replace are wd's that broke in regular service. next time 'round try a maxtor or something, huh?
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