Weird BSOD when Ctrl-Alt-Delte w/ minidump

By Storm180
Oct 24, 2006
  1. This just started yesterday and I thought it was just a fluke at first but this morning I noticed how I can get it to crash every time.

    I am getting Bugcode_USB_DRIVER Stop 0x000000FE every time I hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE it happens. The other day it happened when I was on a web page and it went to not responding so I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and a few seconds later BSOD. So today I rebooted the computer nothing running except OS and did it again and boom the same error popped up. Did it a few more times as a test and like clockwork keeps doing it. Any idea whats going on.

    Bugcode_USB_DRIVER Stop 0x000000FE
    0x00000001 , 0x00000000, 0x00000000

    I run a 3000 XP AMD with 1 gig of ram (single stick). I uploaded my minidumps from yesterday and today. Thanks in advance.

  2. Storm180

    Storm180 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I think I might have figured it out. It has to do with my Epson 825 Printers Mass Storage slot where I can put in my compact flash card. I had my 4 gig flash card in it and did the ctrl-alt-delete and now that I removed the card its not crashing out. Checked epson site and they don't have any updated USB driver for the mass storage device.

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