Weird things are failing

By silverwingz
Jul 4, 2007
  1. I'm having some issues with different parts of my computer that never used to mess up before.

    Both my dvd-rom and dvd-rw have disappeared out of "My Computer" folder and i cant access them through any browser, and the auto play feature isnt working, so its acting like they arent there (I know it isnt a hardware problem because the lights are turning on and they are opening)

    My computer has started freezing at different times during start up. It doesnt fully freeze, but the busy light stops blinking and it sits at one screen for over 45min. when usually my hard drive loads up in under 15seconds (I have that WD Raptor, 10k rpm =D ) sometimes it stops at the windows loading screen, sometimes its at the beginning during the bios screen, its getting to be a pain because it does this so often that im having to reload my computer 4-5 times just to be able to log on.

    if anyone has any comments or answers to either of these issues please post here, im not sure what these issues will lead to, hopefully not a dead harddrive =(
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