Weirdest Problem I've EVER Had

By Adam1385
Jun 24, 2007
  1. Well, I've had this computer for like 2 weeks or so, and already having a problem. When I turn the computer on there are a bunch of white and green dotted lines on the screen at startup, and when windows would start I would get BSOD and "ati2dvag.dll is stuck in an infinite loop... dump of physical memory," error.

    I've been searching and trying fixes for about a day now, I've tried updated drivers from ATI which cause the problem, cause as soon as I remove all ATI software the computer WILL start up, but there are very light vertical bars of color on a couple sections of the screen now, and when I try to play any games it says there is no 3D device, but atleast no BSOD and I can browse the web. Tried many other things which I will list here:

    *Tweaking gfx card settings, such as 8x down to 4x, software acceleration, fastdraw, OC off.
    *Added a temporary fan over night, runs at about 30 C to 34 C now.
    *Unplugging and plugging card back in, checking for dust, making sure fan is running all ok.
    *Tried switching CPU to AGP controller to PCI bridge thing (the fix you see all over the net).
    *Installing older drivers that were rated as more stable and OMEGA drivers.

    PLEASE HELP if you can, thanks you.

    Radeon X1600 pro 256mb
    VIA P4M890-M7 motherboard
    Pentium 4 3gig processor
    1 gig memory
    80 gig hard drive (with like 55 gigs of free space)
    430w Power Supply
  2. kpo6969

    kpo6969 TS Maniac Posts: 710

    Post your specs of your 430w power supply.
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